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Super Kid Silk

75% Superkid Mohair, 25% Mulberry Silk  |  2ply lace weight  |  50g / 425m / 464 yds  |  gentle hand wash in cold water

Superkid Mohair is created from the fibre of the first shearing of the Angora goat kid – literally as soft as baby hair. Mulberry silk is created from the cocoon of silkworms fed with mulberry leaves. This yarn can either be used on it’s own for an airy fabric, or held double with another yarn to make a warm, soft fabric with a beautiful halo effect.


9 to 5 sock

80% Superfine Australian Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon  |  4ply sock weight  |  100g / 400 m / 437 yds  |  gentle machine wash  

Soft and springy, this great all-rounder is perfect for any pattern or project requiring a 4ply yarn for close-to-the-skin-garments. The nylon content gives the yarn strength and ensures your knitted or crocheted garments will stand the test of time. Perfect for your everyday wear socks.


So Twisted Sock

100% Superwash Merino  |  2ply high twist sock/fingering weight  |  100g / 366 metres / 400 yards  |  gentle machine wash

The 2 ply high twist construction makes this yarn strong, with a cabled look. Perfect for socks, cowls, shawls.


Double Dutch Sock

100% Superwash Merino  | 2ply sock/fingering weight  |  100g / 400m / 437yds  |  gentle machine wash

This fun yarn is spliced together – one coloured ply and one black ply – creating a wonderful, striped or twisted effect. Make unusual socks or hold the yarn double to make a DK weight – you are only limited by your imagination! And if you’re stuck, contact us! We can always help with pattern ideas.


Nudie DK

100% Extra-fine Australian Merino  | 4ply construction DK weight  |  100g / 250m / 273yds  |  gentle hand wash

Non-superwash treated, Australian wool. Back to basics, just make sure to treat with care - hand wash in cold water.


Party Hard DK

85% Superwash Merino, 15% Coloured Nep  |  100g / 200m / 218yds  |  gentle machine wash

Party Hard DK is for those whole like a pop of colour in their life. A little zing, if you will. This superwash merino with multi-coloured Donegal nep works up beautifully for sweaters, jumpers, hats/beanies and any project where you want to create interest, a little happiness and lots of FUN!


Two Tone DK

100% Merino |  100g / 225m / 246yds 3 ply construction, DK weight  |  gentle hand wash

Skip Rope DK is a striped effect DK weight yarn. Super soft, it creates a spot of interest for jumpers, sweaters and toasty warm socks.