Skip Rope FAQ’s

If the answer you’re seeking is not contained below, please Contact Us. 

Can I wash my hand-made garment in the washing machine? What does ‘Superwash’ mean?
You’ve spent so much time creating your beautiful hand made piece, so we recommend to treat it with the care and respect it deserves! A gentle hand washing in cold water and laying it flat to dry will ensure a long life for your hand makes. Superwash yarn has undergone a chemical treatment process to smooth the natural scales of the wool fibre, then it is coated with a synthetic resin to soften the fibre and make it less susceptible to felting. If you make your garment out of a superwash yarn, you can wash it on a gentle cycle in your washing machine with cold water and a small amount of wool wash. However, refer to paragraph number 1. If you really really want to wash your finished garment in the washing machine, work up a little swatch and put it through the wash to see how it behaves.  

Is my yarn dyed-to-order or will I receive the exact skein in the photo? 
In most cases, the yarn you ordered is in stock and ready to ship. You may not receive the exact skein that you see in the photo, but it will be hand dyed to the same formula and recipe.

Will the colours bleed, run or fade? 
Our yarns are fully set, washed and rinsed to remove any residual dye. While we do our best to ensure no bleeding, our recommendation for care is to hand wash and dry flat in the shade, if you can. 

I’m making a jumper/sweater with one main colour, should I alternate skeins? Why? What does that even mean?
Yes, we recommend you alternate skeins. As our yarns are hand dyed, they are all unique. While we try our best to maintain a colour consistently, the nature of hand dyed means that one skein might be slightly lighter or darker, less speckles or more etc. Therefore when you are knitting or crocheting, you work two rows from one ball, then two rows from your second ball while carrying the yarn up the side of your work. 
We also recommend making sure you have enough yarn for your project before you begin. Getting towards the finish line and realising you’re going to run out of yarn is not fun! The dye batch will almost always be different and we may not dye that colour or base anymore. Devastating!

You have so many beautiful colours, I can’t decide! Can you help me? 
Firstly, thank you! And yes, just shoot us a message with your project idea and we can email you photos of colour combinations. 

Your yarn is in a weird loopy shape, what am I supposed to do with that? 
That weird loopy shape is called a skein or a hank. We offer a ball winding service free of charge, so if you’d like your ball or ‘cake’ before we post it to you, please add it to your cart or send us a message. That way, as soon as your yarn arrives, you’ll be ready to begin. 

How environmentally friendly is your company? 
We try our absolute best to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. We re-use our dyebath water for soaking/washing up and finally, it ends up down the drain...onto our garden and lawns. We use post-consumer recycled paper, compostable mailers and minimal plastics. 

My favourite colour is sold out! Do you offer custom orders? 
Sure, if you would like a particular colourway or a large number of skeins please Contact Us with as much detail as possible, colour, yarn base and quantity. 

Do you do collabs or offer wholesale? 
Sure, we love meeting others in our yarn and creative community. Don’t hesitate to email us, send us a note or slide into our DM’s.

Can I return my order? When will my order ship? How long will it take to arrive?  
Please see our Shipping and Returns page for the answers to these questions and more.